Smart Culture points to all the facts that make us different and preferred globally in all our fields of activity.

Smart Culture, which is formed with our expert teams and leaders who have adopted our corporate principles, is shared among Smart Solar Technologies members and prepares the ground for taking all our actions in a way that coincides with each other.

We believe that all our partners have a big share in our development and we share our culture that supports this belief with all our employees.

Our Principles

As Smart Solar Technologies, we take every step with our working principles that guide us and we walk safely into the future. We aim to contribute to both our industry and our country with the vision of presenting the best to our domestic and foreign customers.

We list our working principles which we have adopted in this direction as follows:

1. We Value Our Business Partners 2. We Take Responsibility
3. We Have an Innovative Perspective
4. We Work with the Desire to Develop and Learn
5. We believe in Being a Team; We Work With Experts in the Field
6. We Adopt the Highest Standards in All Processes
7. We Are Solution Oriented
8. We Give Confidence
9. We Produce Value with Our Value Engineering Approach
10. We Act With the Awareness That All of Our Steps Are Steps of Kindness
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