As Smart Solar Technologies, which directs the dynamics of the solar energy sector, we operate with our solution partner understanding in roof, ground and facade solar power plant projects under the leadership of our expert engineering and field team.
Our expert teams have adopted the principle of providing the most accurate, efficient and feasible system for our customers in all planning, production analysis calculations, application and installation processes related to solar power plant projects.
Solar power plant design, selection of the appropriate technology, module placement, appropriate inverter selection, remote monitoring of the power plant, SCADA infrastructure of the plant, internationally accepted simulation programs according to NASA meteorology data of the last 20 years and the net energy amount that the solar power plant will give to the grid after all losses can be reliably calculation etc. processes are among our engineering and installation services.
The economic and financial evaluation of the power plant depends on the plant layout and energy generation calculations. In this direction, our value engineers focus on the economic optimization of the system by calculating the energy production of the plant for a minimum of 25 years.
In the selection of all equipment to be used in the power plant, including solar panels, inverter and carrier systems, we work with institutions that are reliable, high quality and specialized in the field. We develop projects in the lowest risk class for our customers and banks.
We undertake the management of all processes of the project for the successful commissioning of the power plant. As Smart Solar Technologies, we provide the following services in projects where we transfer our knowledge and experience in the field of solar energy to our customers:
• Layout of the facility to be established, preparation of the plan, detailed wiring plans and design of carrier construction fittings,
• Preparation of detailed surveys with the application project, technical specification and price proposal studies,
• Shading analysis for projects whose application projects are prepared, detailed energy generation analysis studies in which system element and network losses and many parameters are taken into account,
• Processing the production values ​​obtained by energy production analysis into detailed and feasibility studies according to different scenarios,
• Preparing all information, documents, projects and accounts to be submitted to the electricity distribution company and submitting them to the distribution company for approval and following up the approval processes,
• Any excavation, leveling, excavation etc. that may be required for the construction of solar power plant. infrastructure works and carrier construction manufacturing or supply, transportation to the field and installation,
• Supply, import and installation of PV (photovoltaic) panel, inverter, cable, connector, communication systems, measurement and tracking systems, and all equipment that can be requested by the investor as an additional photovoltaic system,
• Commissioning of solar power plant, distribution company temporary acceptance works, tracking of production data, accredited monitoring and reporting services if requested.
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