As Smart Solar Technologies, we are a reliable solution partner for solar investors with our engineering services, which is a field of activity strengthened by our investor and manufacturer identity in the solar energy sector.

Our turnkey engineering services (EPC), which we offer to our customers with pioneering business models and specific project business plans that accelerate the solar energy industry, add value to solar power plants.

It undertakes all of the planning, procurement, logistics, construction and installation processes within the scope of our engineering services; we work with our value engineering approach until the implementation of the work schedule determined specifically for the project, the execution of the commitments regarding this schedule and the delivery and commissioning of the facility on the specified date.

· Evaluation of land and roof project analysis by our experts
· Preparation and evaluation of feasibility studies
· Preparation of installation design and planning
· Detailing static and electrical projecting processes
· Following the project permit application and approval processes
· Transparent monitoring of processes regarding product procurement
· Ensuring logistics and transportation coordination
· Carrying out the construction works of the project and making the necessary infrastructure works.
· Field mobilization, execution of installation and assembly works
· Making and reporting tests
· Commissioning and facility acceptance will be carried out, making the power plant ready for production

As Smart Solar Technologies, we meet the needs of the rapidly growing sector with our value engineering disciplines with our efficient, reliable and quality solutions to our customers.
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