Your energy is our energy!
Our human resources team is to discover the right people for our organization that operates with the dream of a green future. While creating career opportunities at Smart, it fully supports the development of both its employees and the Smart Solar Technologies brand with its talent management approach.
HR Vision To be a company that has a global perspective in line with Smart Solar Technologies values, has a high sense of belonging, creates value with its creativity and high performance, is preferred by the workforce and wants to work.
HR Policy • To bring in qualified manpower with the knowledge and skills required by her duty
• To provide an effective communication and motivation environment where employees can use their creativity and express their opinions
• To follow a participatory management policy that includes different perspectives and knowledge together
• To support continuous learning and development by prioritizing the personal and professional development of its employees
• To reward and encourage high performance by evaluating employee performance with objective criteria
• Always presenting the best for its employees by implementing innovative human resources practices.

Your energy is our energy!
To get information about our career opportunities, you can contact us using the Job Application Form.
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