January 2021
The green energy specialists of the future will be educated in the vocational college

Smart Energy, being the leading brand of the solar energy sector, and Private Adem Ceylan Final Vocational Technical College, entered into cooperation agreement in order to educate the green energy specialists of the future. The youth studying in the “Renewable Energy” department of the college operating in Gebze Güzeller Organized Industrial Zone will be brought in the sector not as “intermediate staff”, but as “qualified staff”.


Smart Energy, leading the development of the sector with its operations in every field of the solar energy sector, concentrates on the education of this business. Smart Energy took a very important step with Smart Academy which it put into operation with the motto of “We are in Pursuit of Green Future”. The agreement entered into between Private Adem Ceylan Final Vocational Technical College operating in Gebze Güzeller Organized Industrial Zone and Smart Akademi will bring the youth in the green energy sector.


The Member of the Board of Smart Energy, Mustafa Kemal Yılmaz, underlining that this cooperation protocol signed is of great importance for Turkey of the future, said: “The share of Turkey in the solar energy sector is 6.9 percent. This is the case today, but we will be at a very different point tomorrow. Therefore, it is a very proper decision to establish ‘Renewable Energy Department’ within the organization of Private Adem Ceylan Final Vocational Technical College. We, as Smart Energy, are very glad that we will provide contribution for the education of the youth studying in this department. We will see the reflections of this cooperation in the future. Turkey is very wide open in the solar energy sector and we are at the very beginning. Bringing our youth in the sector is of great importance from this perspective.”.


The Secretary General of Smart Energy, Filiz Avşar Aktaş, stated that the youth who are graduated from the Renewable Energy Department of Private Adem Ceylan Final Vocational Technical College will have a profession which has validity and they will get attention not only in Turkey, but in the entire world. Aktaş, expressing that Smart Academy which started to operate in June 2020 with the motto of “We are in pursuit of green future, the future begins with you!” has undertaken an important mission in bringing the youth in the solar energy sector, stated they will develop programs for the students studying in the Renewable Energy department. Aktaş, stating that Smart Energy will share the knowledge and know-how that it has with the youth, also declares that they provide the students of Private Adem Ceylan Final Vocational Technical College with the opportunities such as internship and job.



The General Manager of Güzeller Education Institutions, Oğuzhan Ceylan, emphasized that they attach great importance to entering into cooperation agreements with the companies which are successful in their fields due to several reasons such as meeting Turkey’s need for “qualified staff” and preparing the students for the business life with high quality education. Ceylan, stating that the protocol which was signed with Smart Energy is significant in terms of the future of both the youth and the renewable energy sector, made the following remark: “This place is a private school, but a school providing education free of charge. We desire to change the perception of vocational high school in Turkey with our school. The fully equipped vocational high schools are a major requirement in Turkey. There are 160 companies only in Güzeller OSB and each of them needs qualified labor force. We aim at bringing qualified labor force firstly in the region where our school is located and then more widely in 6 different areas in total from information to electric-electronic, from industrial automation to machine technologies, from motor vehicle technologies to renewable energy.”.


The School Principal of Private Adem Ceylan Final Vocational Technical College, Murat Taşcı, gave the following information while stating “We will develop not the intermediate staff, but the qualified staff and qualified managers together at our school”: “Our school which started to provide education in 2019-2020, but which gave a break due to the pandemic still have 860 students. We have 60 students in the Renewable Energy Department now. However, we are planning to increase the number of our students to 2 thousand 160 within a couple of years.”.


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