The close relations established with the manufacturers and the experience gained during the previous installations allows Smart Energy o obtain the products and the services with the best possible provision and to make the necessary logistics organizations in an easy way.

Smart Energy realizes that a chain is only as strong as its weakest link, so, a special attention is being paid to the material selection for them being reliable and having long-life. Smart Energy follows the world’s leading trade fairs, conferences, technology institutes and test reports of the labaratories for all the system constituents culminating in significant know-how in solar module technologies, inverters, transformers, efficient cabling, and low-loss electrical system design.

Smart Energy tries out the products in its own solar power plants first leading to the service sector by demonstrating how high quality services should be.

The communication with the suppliers knowing the researching nature of the Smart Energy allows to present the most appropriate, trustworthy and high-quality product fulfills the customer’s needs in the market.