About Us

Smart Energy

Smart Energy which has been established in Bulgaria in 2009, operates in solar energy sector with its investor, engineering services and domestic PV solar panel manufacturer identities.

Except the offices of Smart Energy which are planned to open in Italy and Netherland in short time, Smart Energy has offices in Turkey, Bulgaria, Romania, Greece, Switzerland, Ukraine and Germany.

By making investments; 24 MW in Bulgaria, 8 MW in Romania, 6 MW in Greece and 69 MW in Turkey, Smart Energy put its signature for over 100 MW local & global operational solar power project.

With its technical consultancy know-how for more than 350 projects and having more than 2000 MW of GES installation experiences, Smart Energy continues to carry out many projects in both Turkey and global.

Smart Energy is manufacturing new generation and last technology solar modules including Mono/Poly, PERC, Black Silicon, Dual Glass, Bifacial, MBB ve Half-Cut Cell in Gebze, Turkey. With the solar modules produced at its 800 MW annual production capacity, Smart Energy continues to export its products to Germany, Spain, Italy, Ukraine and Austria. We can also distribute our modules -which are produced in Turkey- from our Cologne warehouse as well.